Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get the best reading glasses

Before going on to wearing reading glasses we first have to visit the optician in order to check if we really need one or not. Your optician will make you go through a procedure which is very simple. As you book an appointment with the optician and he could have a computerized framework of putting your eyes through the machine and checking about the goodness of your eyes. This might reveal the fault in vision and after that the optician makes you go through the traditional procedure of reading alphabets  through some reader glasses from the wall from a far off distance of about two or three feet.

They make you read each line individually as the alphabets shrink in size at each jump down the lane. Your effort at reading them increase inversely proportional to the size of the letters and when you fail at it you finally are defeated by the forces of nature or at the hands of man-made machines which decay your eyesight before even the natural process allows. The process is followed by trying out different numbered reading glasses to see which one allows your eyesight the best visibility and the kind of frame that suits the shape of your face

Once the optician has diagnosed an eye sight problem on to you and has preferred you to wear reading glasses, the job on you now is to buy good proper reading glasses. Market place is full of opticians and reading glasses but it is up to you to choose on which type, sort and where to get these reading glasses from. First of all if you are wearing reading glasses for the first time, then conduct a thorough survey on where can you get good reading glasses from, as there are a lot of shops and opticians that sell low quality reading glasses and you would never want to spend on your reading glasses every month.

For the survey, you can ask your friends, acquaintances, and even the people who are wearing them since long.

If you are tight on budget, then the preference should be given to whole sale reading glasses, which are the cheap reading glasses with an average quality. Though these glasses are not of the same quality as of the brands but are second or third copy of the originals which aren’t bad either. Besides this, there are also bifocal reading glasses which save your costs in a way that they serve and improve your short sightedness as well as long sightedness.

There are several brands which are offering reading glasses with unique shape design and color. But as mentioned above you should be careful about what type of reader glasses has to be worn and where. For example if you are a female, and going at a party wear funky colors and with patterns on it which match with your dress whereas if you are going at an executive business function then avoid wearing reading glasses with funky colors and patterns on them as they are really not the professional material type. Whereas for males, reading glasses with dark colors and least patterns are preferred everywhere, so basically it all depends on the occasion and place.


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